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    interactive grid - ORA-01400




      I'm sorry for maybe a newbie question, but I spent like a day trying to figure it out (comparing to sample master detail application) and did not found a solution to my problem.


      I have a table where primary key is populated via sequence in "before insert" trigger. I have created a page with region selector. One of the regions is interactive grid over that table (created from scratch; not via wizard). When I want to create a new row, I get ORA-01400 that null value can't be populated to the field.


      To be honest I checked with that sample application and all the settings / attributes seem to be set in the same way; ID field is marked as primary column, process seems fine, when I insert data manually to the table and then update/delete process is processing rows correctly.


      Apex version is 18.1.


      Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?


      Thank you.