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    Parameters not being passed to a web action link

    Dennis Hancy




      We have a column on an analysis that includes a hyperlink to another web site.




      The URL looks like this






      The parameters are defined as:




      Name: 1

      Prompt: value1

      Value: c

      Fixed; checked

      Hidden: checked




      Name: 2

      Prompt: value2

      Column Value: "table name"."column name"

      Fixed: checked

      Hidden: checked




      When we run this and click on the link, the URL in the new window says: https://server.name/drilldown.action?value1=c&value2=




      If we uncheck the boxes for fixed and hidden on value2, we see "table name"."column name" on the confirmation screen.  When we execute, we see the complete URL.



      Any ideas what might be wrong?