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    Doing this right?


      I tested ORDS a few years ago and am trying again.  I have a custom mod_plsql application and have been using the Oracle HTTP Server / Apache / mod_plsql for years.


      So when I go to install ORDS, things (to me) are discombobulated.  Maybe I am doing this wrong? 


      First thing I did is set the config dir:  java -jar ords.war configdir C:\_ords\ords-18.2.0\config


      Then I set the values in ords_params.properties file.  Seems like each time I change the param file, I need to delete the config directory?


      And then start it in standalone mode to check.  It works.  Now I realize I need to set the document home.  So I start looking for a parameter which can be added to ords_params.properties.  I see there is a  "standalone.static.images", so I try it.  When I start ords, the parameter is ignored.  In fact, it gets deleted from the param file altogether.


      So I read the documentation and find realize there is another way to do it:  java -jar ords.war standalone --doc-root /var/www/html   and that works. 


      I need to setup for RAC and set a 'before procedure' call which looks like that gets set in another file.


      Just wondering if there is a way to set everything in the param file or is it necessary to call 'java -jar' multiple times and edit other files?   If that is the case, can you consider making the setup easier by allowing us to set everything in a single param file?