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    SQL Developer: Splash Screen and Icons




      I'm using Sql Developer 18.2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 inside a Dell XPS 15-9560 laptop.


      My JVM is Oracle 1.8.0_171.


      The splash screen's text is very tiny:



      The icons in the interface are very small:



      I know of the existence of this topic:



      However, because the program is in Spanish, I did not see the Show on startup

      checkbox. I saw the text in Spanish ("Mostrar al inicio") but I did not

      see the checkbox.


      Then, I changed the program's language to English, to do that, I added the

      following lines to the “sqldeveloper.conf” file:


      #GUI language

      AddVMOption -Duser.language=en


      (This is explained in this tutorial:




      However, that made the Welcome Page dissapear. Yet both problems (the tiny

      splash screen 's text and the very small icons) persist, even after removing

      the lines I added to the “sqldeveloper.conf” file.


      Please, what can I do?



      Regards, José-Luis


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