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    Ant + XSLT Debug




      I've been assigned with XML to dita conversion tool. For that, I've given a try to write ANT script which in turn calling XSLTs. Everything is working fine.


      Now I want to debug the Ant script and XSLT in Oxygen XML editor. Some how I am able to debug XSLT but not ANT script on Oxygen Editor 18.0. In fact I tried to debug the same code in Jdeveloper also. I am able to debug ANT script and XSLT individually but not both at a time in the same execution flow on Jdeveloper 12.1.2.


      Because some input parameters passing to XSLT from ANT. I want to see the input parameter values in debug mode.


      It would be great help, if you can suggest any clue on this.


      Below is sample Ant, XSLT and XML