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    Bulletin Board refresh


      I know that BBL is responsible for coordinating changing in BB. For example, if any client connects to tuxedo, BBL will update its information in BB and when this client disconnects, BBL will remove its entry from BB. My question is how frequent does BBL refresh BB with these information? Does it run in some time interval, checks and update BB status and sleeps?  If a client is disconnected from tuxedo, how much time will it take to reflect it in BB?

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          Bartek Gasparski

          Not exactly. When client (native or not) is connected to Tuxedo then client has access to BB and does the changes by Tuxedo  API - by his own, not by BBL.

          BBL  is some kind of health check server.

          BBL periodically checks to see whether the servers it started are still running.

          You can proof it by killing BBL on some machine. Native clients still can call services on this machine.


          Anyway You can "tunning" BBL by 2 parameters (RESOURCES section):


          SCANUNIT: Sets the granularity of checks in seconds or milliseconds:

          Seconds: Must be a multiple of 2 or 5 seconds.

          Milliseconds: Use 'MS' as unit and set as 0-30000.

          Default is 10 sec



          Seconds between sanity checks of servers


          Effective for BBL: is : SANITYSCAN * SCANUNIT  must be lower than 300s. Default this is 120 s




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            Thank you Bartek for this valuable information!