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    How to hide Find and Replace toolbar with keyboard shortcut?

    Blue Bird



      I would like to know if maybe exist some keyboard shortcut to hide already displayed Find (Ctrl+F) or Replace (Ctrl+R) toolbar? If I press one more time Ctrl+F, Ctrl+R or Esc nothing happens. It's time consuming that you have to always search with mouse pointer little x in top right corner to hide that toolbar to make more space when you don't need it anymore.


      And one more Q by the way when I open Find/Replace topic. I have enabled button Highlight Occurrences when I replace one word with another. When I select for example Replace all finded words are replaced and the new words are highlighted what is nice to see what you replaced. Question is now how with one keystroke quickly deselect this green selected instances? Even If I disable and reenable this button or hide Replace toolbar completely this words are still highlighted what of course I don't wan't anymore. And then I have to perform magic speels to hide this green color. Is there some quick way to do this with keyboard or is this just a bug?