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    Oracle instant client setup fails


      I fail to setup the oracle instant client within SQL Developer correctly.


      Connecting to a new oracle database I get a lot of connection resets using the JDBC-Driver. As a workaround I wanted to try the Oracle Instant Driver as suggested by Jeff in this blog post: https://www.thatjeffsmith.com/archive/2014/01/oracle-sql-developer-4-and-the-oracle-client/


      Following the installation instruction from the download page I failed to set the path variable as a system environment variable.  I am restricted to alter the path variable from my windows client so I added  a path entry to the product.conf file containing all variables from the path variable:

      AddVMOption --Djava.library.path=C:\instantclient_12_2;C:\Program Files\SQLDeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin; ...further entries


      Testing the oracle client setup within SQL Developer I get his error message:

      Testing the Instant Client located at C:\instantclient_12_2
      Testing client directory ... OK
      Testing loading Oracle JDBC driver ... OK
      Testing checking Oracle JDBC driver version ... OK
        Driver version:
      Testing testing native OCI library load ... Failed:
        Error loading the native OCI library
        The native OCI driver could not be loaded. The system propertyjava.library.path contains the entries from the environment variable PATH. Check it to verify that
        the expected native library directory C:\instantclient_12_2 is present and precedes any other client installations.
        java.library.path = C:\instantclient_12_2;C:\Program Files\SQLDeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin;...further variables


      To me it seems that the path variable is set correctly as the first entry of the path variable. So I do not see an error in the path variable as line 9 and 10 do not contradict to each other.


      Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?


      The environment data is this:

      SQL Developer: 18.2

      Instant Client Version:

      Client-OS: Windows 7

      Oracle database: