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    Process status remain active - RPE-02062 - Purge?




      I'm not experienced in OWB, I've been using it for some time, I'll appreciate some guidance please:


      I wanted to add some mapping to a workflow, I stopped it but when I redeploy it raises OWB error RPE-02062 error. I found this:


      OWB error RPE-02062: cannot be dropped as it has running Processes. You must first abort all the running processes using…


      And when I run this query using owf_mgr user it returns 959 records !!!!!!!!!!  (some with activity_begin_date = 8 years old)


      SELECT * FROM wf_item_activity_statuses_v

      WHERE activity_type_code= 'PROCESS'

      AND UPPER(activity_status_code) = 'ACTIVE';


      What should I do? 


      Purge? Is it safe?


      PS: Performance is awful, is this related?