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    nQSError 46036; Internal Assertion; Condition bProcessedLevelKeyCol

    Johan (South Africa)

      Hi everyone


      I am running a TimesTen aggregation script and receive the following error:


      Aggregate Manager (Error): [nQSError: 46036] Internal Assertion: Condition bProcessedLevelKeyCol, file server/NQSAdmin/AggrPersist/Src/SAAPAggrMetadataManager.cpp, line 605.:

      [nQSError: 84008] [Aggregate Persistence] Error while processing aggregates (refer previous errors in log).



      It is always the second aggregate at a higher level within the same logical table source (logical table) that is failing. The first aggregate at a lower granular level completes successfully.


      The error message refers to  me to previous errors in the log file but I do not see any other errors messages.


      Any suggestion or reference to documentation will be appreciated.