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    Create concurrent program to write a text file to folder provided/hosted by banks


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      I have a requirements to create a concurrent program in EBS R12  to execute a PL/SQL package that will write a text file to a folder hosted by the banks.

      I would like to ask your guidance what are the steps and details to achieved this. Do I need to coordinate with infra or DBA team ? what are the config needed, etc. ?


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          Whilst you can do this in theory, you wouldn't tend to do this directly in one hit (or completely within pl/sql) as it can be more difficult to debug and ultimately there are easier ways to do it . You would generally do something like this...


          1) A process which writes the file to a secure location on your local server.

          2) A process which transfers the file to the remote server using sFTP or similar (depends on how the bank asks you to transfer it to them).


          If you want this as a concurrent program then you can wrap all of that in a "Host" type program (i.e. a shell script).


          So first you call sqlplus to generate the file (do you need to do it in pl/sql or can you just execute a sql script directly?) Spool that out to a location. Then call sftp (if applicable) to transfer it to the bank.



          It depends on what level of access you have as to whether you need DBA support. Your production release obviously will, however there should be nothing needed from them in a development environment. You will however need the bank to add your ssh public key to their authorized keys file on their server to remove the need to authenticate with a password. They will probably want to set up a specific user for you too.

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