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    OUA 2.7 installation question and error




      I am performing an Initial Installation with the following versions:

      Oracle DB

      Oracle Fusion Middleware



      installed on UNIX boxes


      1. I am following the OUA Install guide for 2.7.0 (updated Nov 2017), can you please confirm if I understood the Install path correctly:

      * On the DB server:

      - Install Oracle 12c and create a database via DBCA

      -create users and roles as per the document, install the RELADM, MDADM and DWADM schema

      * On the App server:

      - Install FMW and ODI on the same directory (RCU is not run at this point)

      * On the DB server:

      - Install OGG and follow the steps for target database. (installation on the source will be performed later)

      *On the app server:

      - Install the ODI based ETL 

      -Run RCU (with ODI component de-selected)

      - create domain for ODI agent and starting  the ODI server

      -Install APEX

      -Install OBIEE (run RCU AS  and BI Components) and OUA Dashboard


      Is this correct? I seem to not have ran RCU for the ODI repository.


      <UPDATE - please disregard the question below. the error was due to an incorrect password.>

      2. during the installation of ODI based ETL in the application server, I encounter target database connection error (see attached). I can connect manually to the database using the DWADM account. does anyone have ideas what I can check?


      Thank you!