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    OWB mapping taking too much time to execute


      Hello All,


      We have created mappings in Oracle warehouse Builder(OWB) . all ware working fine. but now a days 2 mappings taking too much time for execution hence it affects to other scheduled  mapping .


      In one mapping we have take 1 view and 3 table as a source out of which on one table we have applied filter and joined all tables and use DEDUPLICATE transformation to populate data into target table.

      I did some analysis and found that till 13th July it only loads 13k records but after 13th ORDER  table getting 14k records because of that it hit the poerformance but the time is approximatly double.  

      Till 13th july everything was good but after 13th same mapping taking double time to finish the load and it hits the performance .


      So could you tell me why its taking too much time to comlete the execution.


      how would I increase the perfomance or execution time as previous.