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    Limiting a Field to Only Numbers and a Decimal of only 2 Digits


      Franck N


      Good Morning Community,


      I am Using APEX  with Google Chrome and Oracle 12c Database


      In a Previous Post / Discussion Question;  I had ask for assistance to:  Assign a Page Item a Static ID so that it could be referenced in JS Code to insure No Other Characters other than Numeric Values Can be entered Into the Page Item Field.

      You Can View that here:

      Assign Static ID to Page Item


      JS Code that limits a Page Item / Field to Only Numbers  and Numbers and a Decimal


      Now I'm looking to Modify the JS Code to limit the Number of Decimal Places that can be entered to 2 ; i.e. 100.95   and not be able to enter 3+ decimal places out  (See ScreenShot)




      Franck N   ( Not sure if that's what you are looking for )   Its the Source: SQL Query for Interactive Grid


      select receipt_log_id,payment_type_id,check_number,date_on_check,creditcardtype,payment_amount,line_number_seq

      from receipt_log_payments

      where receipt_log_id = :P641_RECEIPT_LOG_ID

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