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    Adop phase=prepare


      EBS 12.2.7





      Hi ALL,


      I am applying  patch for our EBS.


      I run first step > adop phase=prepare


      But I got error below


      Validating configuration on node: [f91163].

          Log: /u01/install/APPS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/61/20180727_011601/prepare/validate/f91163

          [WARNING]: There could be issues while validating the ports used for E-Business Suite instance against ports used in /etc/services. Refer the log file for more details.

         [ERROR]: The value of s_appltmp is not set correctly in atleast one of the context files.

          [UNEXPECTED]Error occurred running "perl /u01/install/APPS/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ad/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/txkADOPValidations.pl  -contextfile=/u01/install/APPS/fs1/inst/apps/EBSDB_f91163/appl/admin/EBSDB_f91163.xml -patchctxfile=/u01/install/APPS/fs2/inst/apps/EBSDB_f91163/appl/admin/EBSDB_f91163.xml -phase=prepare -logloc=/u01/install/APPS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/61/20180727_011601/prepare/validate/f91163 -promptmsg=hide"

          [UNEXPECTED]Error 1 occurred while Executing txkADOPValidation script on f91163



      Please help,


      Kind regards,