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      I am looking at what is necessary to migrate my 10.1.2 based human workflow task to In 10.1.2 I'm able to set all parameters at run time (by accessing a stored procedure and assigning the values in the bpel flow) and I do so with assignee, expiration parameters, and escalation limits. I can see how to use the expression builder in to take care of assignee and expiration but what about escalation limits (number of escalations and level)? How can I affect those parameters?
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          what pattern are you using? if i choose management chain, I can switch in the escalation/expiration section from number to expression ..

          hth clemens
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            I'm using single approver with escalation. I want to be able to employ users or groups. Was able to do so without difficulty in 10.1.2..

            I have since tried to use an xpath expression to pull the dynamic assignment together even though it can't solve my design goal of optionally choosing user or group. It's frustrating though, the expression builder doesn't work within the task designer and when I cut and paste the appropriate expression I get the error

            'Error in evaluating assignees. The error is XPath expression failed to execute.
            Error while processing xpath expression, the expression is "bpws:getVariableData('getWorkflowParams_out','OutputParameters','/ns2:OutputParameters/IDWKFLASG')", the reason is message can't be null.
            Please verify the xpath query.

            I used an expression builder outside of the task designer to generate the xpath expression. Would assume it was correct. It resolves it outside the task.
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              Were you ever able to figure this out? I am running into the same issue? There must be a simple way to reference the task payload information. The problem is, we don't know what the variable name needs to be?
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                So, the developer guide to the rescue. The JDeveloper help is not accurate. I was trying to use the bpws:getVariableData and it is not supported... :(

                That being said, it was very easy to grab information from the payload.