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    Customising existing features?


      I have been reading through the tutorials on how to create user defined extensions here:



      Creating XML Extensions for Oracle SQL Developer


      Both of these seem to relate to adding functionality... however is it possible to modify the existing standard views to add in extra columns? I.e. are they defined as XML templates too, if so, where? I'm happy with the prospect of having to reapply them on an upgrade if need be. For example, on the columns tab, I would like to add some additional columns which are useful for debugging etc.


      Something like this:


      Is that possible>

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          Glen Conway

          Not sure about adding columns to an existing editor tab, but there are a couple of alternatives...


          1. In the links you provide, to add a tab containing those debugging columns,

              just follow the examples about Column comments or Describe Sub partitions.


          2. In the Reports View, add a new report under the User Defined Reports node to run a query returning those columns

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            Yes, I did think about adding as a new separate tab (and I captured the SQL from the existing screen to facilitate that) however it would be nice to have it on the first tab if possible. It's not a huge issue, it's just a tweak to make it as efficient as possible for me personally.