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    flat page of obiee after upgarde


      obiee login page:


      obiee login page


      After I upgrade , I still get the old type home page and when I login , I don't get any thing, it like a static page:

      As you see there is nothing , not even help button .


      Its not that it was like this before . After I executed upgrade steps I was not able to login because  of certs issues i think   and was getting below error while starting bi server liek


      cannot find jks ....etc


      but I was getting the login page .

      Note: after upgrade I get login prompt for when I start Weblogic server (before upgarde no username/password prompt while starting weblogic)


      To fix this login issue , I did some copy of certs and looks like I was able to login but then the login page I was getting was of 12.2..1.2 and version shown in help is of .

      So I deleted the t,p files in bi_server/obiccs/obips1/... directories + any loc file and pki files from tmp and restarted the servers , but then I see the flat page like above .


      When I do the same upgrade on same box but different home and domain , it works fine ,. The only difference between these 2 upgrades is that one here is having OHS with webgates with SSO integration .


      Not sure what wrong,

      Any input will be appreciated.