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    Admin server is not responding as a result managed 2 and managed 3 does not start?


      Hi Weblogic community,


      This might be a very aged question, let me explain the scenario:


      1. The setup is a 3node cluster web app
      2. Admin is deployed on node1
      3. We have regular OS patching, which involves linux server reboot
      4. 1st group of reboot is for node1 servers, which means admin/managed/nodemanager are all rebooted.
      5. 2nd group of reboot happens 30mins later for node2 & node3 servers, which means managed/nodemanager are rebooted.
      6. During the 1st group reboot, we have no issues.
      7. But during node2/3 reboot the admin server becomes non-repsonsive


      Any idea on this, what could be possible work around.