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    Nicknames in BigSQL are not showing up on Oracle SQL developer GUI



      I have enabled federation to Teradata on BigSQL and trying to use Oracle SQL developer tool to access BigSQL tables. But, I'm not able to see the federated tables (nicknames) in the  Connections and Reports navigator pane. ( see attached picture )oracle_gui.PNG


      1. Expecting my federated tables to be populated under 'Tables' or the ability to create a 'Nickname' object and list all the federated tables

      2. 'foo' is my federated table which I can query, but not able to see it visually.


      My select output from syscat.tables in BigSQL:


      db2 "select tabname from syscat.tables where tabschema='BIGSQL'"








      db2 list tables



      Table/View                      Schema          Type  Creation time

      ------------------------------- --------------- ----- --------------------------

      FOO                             BIGSQL          N     2018-08-01-

      T1                              BIGSQL          T     2018-06-27-



        2 record(s) selected.


      Please let me know whether this is a product limitation or something I'm missing in configuration.