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    Are there known SMB2/3 issues in 11.4 Beta Refresh 2?




      I know I had bad SMB2 issues when 11.3 FCS was released. You fixed them in some SRU but still...


      It looks like the same is happening with 11.4 now, there is a huge performance drop when going from B1 to B2 and it's nearly unusable.


      Server: 11.4 Beta Refresh 2, SMB3

      Client: macOS 11.13


      Finder is dropping me out of directories or showing sub-directories as unreadable. I see lots of smb2open/smb2closes in smbstat and everything is just really slow. I tried both SMB2 and SMB3 (no, I won't go back to SMB1 as I had to on 11.3 FCS!)


      As I said, Beta Refresh 1 was better so there is some kind of regression here.