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    Print and/or Burst PDF received in Base64 encoding


      Hello all,


      We are using EBS R12.2.6 and have the following requirement:


      We will be interacting with an External System via Webservice (soap).

      EBS will send XML data, and the External System will return (after processing and formating data) a pdf encoded in Base64.

      This Base64 pdf would be then stored in FND_LOBS (or some other custom table, perhaps called XX_LOBS).


      We would like to, ideally:

      - Req1: Visualize the received Base64 PDF inside the Application (maybe as PDF Output from a Publisher report).

      - Req2a: Burst the received Base64 PDF to a network printer

      - Req2b: Burst the received Base64 PDF sending it as attachment to a mail address.

      Requierements 2a and 2b are more important than requirement 1.


      After a lot of reading and researching, I am aware that this functionality does not come "out of the box" for BIP in EBS, and that i will probably have to use some BIP API from the outside (PDFDocMerger, PDFBookBinder?).

      Although, all practical examples that I have seen, are always to concatenate some external pdf to an additional PDF output generated by BIP in the application.

      In this case, we would ONLY like to see/burst the received Base64 PDF, already generated by the External System.


      Could someone tell me, in what direction to move? which API to use? Are there other options? Or am I missing some other possibility?

      Also, in case of having to use some ot the external BIP APIs, there would be a need to write some Java. Although i have seen many examples of such java codes calling these APIs, I have not found

      any real examplo, of how to call this code from inside the application (lets say, a PL/SQL concurrent program, for example).


      Thank you very much for your time and help,