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    EBS Pasta printing


      EBS 12.1.3





      Hi ALL,


      Do we need to setup Pasta printing, if  we only use browser printing? Meaning the output is downloaded to the client PC is the one printing.

      I understand you use Pasta if you send your printout direct  to the printer right? or wrong?



      Please help...


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          If your users are simply downloading output to their PC and then printing from there (i.e.using the Windows print driver) then there should be no need to set up Pasta. Pasta is useful if you have reports that you need to send directly to the printer.

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            Thanks John

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              Hi John and ALL,


              How do I know which of our concurrent report programs is using pasta.cfg printer?

              Is there and FND table I can select in the apps database?


              Please help...



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                There are tables that could help - but it's abstracted somewhat. You define a printer style against a concurrent program, and those styles are linked to types of printer, and a printer is then defined as one of those types. So you can have a report with a style of say "LANDSCAPE", and then you can either print that on a standard printer driver, or on the PASTA printer. But until you submit it against a particular printer, you aren't saying whether it's a PASTA report or not.


                So you could look at historically submitted requests, something like this:


                select distinct p.user_concurrent_program_name, t.printer_name, t.printer_type
                  from fnd_concurrent_requests  r
                       join fnd_concurrent_programs_vl p
                         on p.concurrent_program_id = r.concurrent_program_id
                        and p.application_id = r.program_application_id
                       join fnd_printer t on t.printer_name = r.printer
                 where t.printer_type like '%PASTA%';


                Because whilst you can, it's unlikely you would define the printer directly against the concurrent program definition.

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                  Thanks John,


                  But our issue is, when we upgrade our database from  to , ( but EBS apps is still 12.0.6)

                  Some of our reports have greek characters print in PDF if the program don't use XML publisher. But those using XML publisher are okay.

                  Can this be accounted to pasta config? I understand pasta is used only for direct printing to Linux printers right?

                  But if we use browser printing, then it will not pass trough pasta?



                  Kind regards,

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                    Wasn't than an NLS setting though? I'd recommend taking a report that you know to be defective, looking at what printer it was printed to. Then look at that printer setup and see what driver it uses. Responsibility System Administrator, menu path Install > Printer > *

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                      Hi John, and ALL,


                      This is one the reports with issue:

                      Problem Summary


                      PDF Output of the concurrent program have Greek character displayed


                      Problem Description


                      We have upgraded our EBS database from to After the upgrade, the PDF output of the concurrent programs (Oracle Reports) with Output Format = PDF contains Greek charaters when viewed. Before the database upgrade, there's no problem in the PDF output of the concurrent requests.






                      Either you have not uploaded the following or we could not properly validate the previous file(s) you uploaded.
                      Please provide the following file(s):


                      1. FA STD Report Output: Provide the output file for the Report showing issue, if any.
                      Use the following navigation to collect the output and log file:


                      (N) View -> Requests


                      a) Click on Find
                      b) Click on the report having the issue
                      c) Click on the Output buttons on form
                      d) Save the files
                      e) Upload files to the SR


                      2. Diagnostics Apps Check - Assets:
                      Provide a Diagnostic: Apps Check for Application parameter 'Assets'. This is a concurrent request.
                      This diagnostic will provide very detailed file version information needed to troubleshoot your issue.


                      a) Under your FA responsibility perform the following:


                      1. Navigate to Others > Requests > Run
                      2. Enter name = Diagnostics: Apps Check
                      3. Enter for Parameter (Application 1) = Assets
                      4. Submit this concurrent program.
                      5. Then, Navigate to View > Requests
                      6. Click on "View Output" button
                      7. Save and upload the output results to SR.






                      We are experiencing this behavior with other reports from other modules. I noticed, this only happens on concurrent programs with execution method as Oracle Reports and the output format is PDF, the output of these types of reports has Greek characters especially when the Paper Layout of these reports has "Bold" or "Enlarge" fonts on it.



                      Upload to TDS successful for the file Diagnostics__Apps_Check_280718-FA.txt.






                      I have attached the output of the "Diagnostics: Apps Check". FIlename is "Diagnostics__Apps_Check_280718-FA.txt"
                      Kindly check if you have received it.


                      As mentioned before, the reports in PDF output has Greek characters issue, happened only when the database is upgraded to 12c. The OS also changed during the upgrade, from Ubuntu to Linux. Do you think the Greek characters issue we had is related to "character sets" or "font mapping" that were affected when the OS is changed from Ubuntu to Linux?



                      Please ask your system administrator to provide the full list of fonts installed on server.


                      [root@oraapps-1 ~]# fc-list

                      Utopia:style=Bold Italic

                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Italic


                      URW Palladio L:style=Roman

                      Century Schoolbook L:style=Bold Italic

                      Liberation Sans:style=Regular

                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold



                      URW Chancery L:style=Medium Italic

                      Bitstream Charter:style=Bold Italic

                      Nimbus Roman No9 L:style=Regular

                      Century Schoolbook L:style=Bold

                      Century Schoolbook L:style=Italic

                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular


                      URW Palladio L:style=Italic


                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed

                      URW Gothic L:style=Demi

                      Nimbus Roman No9 L:style=Medium Italic

                      Bitstream Charter:style=Regular

                      Nimbus Mono L:style=Bold Oblique


                      Nimbus Roman No9 L:style=Medium

                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Italic

                      Courier 10 Pitch:style=Bold Italic

                      Nimbus Mono L:style=Regular



                      Bitstream Charter:style=Italic

                      URW Gothic L:style=Book

                      Liberation Sans:style=Bold

                      Courier 10 Pitch:style=Italic



                      Liberation Sans:style=Bold Italic

                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed Italic

                      URW Bookman L:style=Demi Bold

                      URW Bookman L:style=Light


                      URW Gothic L:style=Demi Oblique

                      Standard Symbols L:style=Regular

                      Courier 10 Pitch:style=Regular

                      URW Palladio L:style=Bold

                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed

                      URW Bookman L:style=Light Italic

                      Century Schoolbook L:style=Roman

                      Nimbus Roman No9 L:style=Regular Italic

                      Courier 10 Pitch:style=Bold


                      URW Gothic L:style=Book Oblique

                      URW Palladio L:style=Bold Italic

                      Nimbus Mono L:style=Regular Oblique


                      Nimbus Mono L:style=Bold


                      Bitstream Charter:style=Bold

                      Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed Italic

                      URW Bookman L:style=Demi Bold Italic

                      Liberation Sans:style=Italic


                      [root@oraapps-1 ~]#





                      I have attached file "Fonts-Comparison.xlsx" that contains the list of fonts from:
                      1. the current prod instance where DB=10g and OS=Ubuntu (Column A)
                      2. the Test instance, clone of prod and upgraded the DB to 12c and the OS to Linux (Column D) where we are experiencing this issue of Greek characters in the reports with PDF output.





                      Fonts shouldn`t be registered under root user, instead it should be under the user used to installed the EBS.

                      Default path for fonts it`s: $FND_TOP/resource



                      I have checked the information provided.
                      We can observe that you have used pasta in previous environment.


                      You will need to setup in this new cloned environment.




                      The support just conclude that pasta was the cause? How did he know we used pasta base on the diagnostics we uploaded?

                      How did he know that we have missing pasta setup in our upgraded instance?

                      We have current PROD and TEST instance which the report is working correctly.

                      But in  our upgraded instance it has greek chars output.

                      How can we test if we can still print in our existing TEST instance without pasta? Since we use browser based printing only?

                      Can I rename the pasta.cfg to simulate that is is not used?

                      I do not know how to setup pasta

                      Can I just copy the pasta.cfg file?



                      Please help...


                      Kind regards,