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    Weblogic cluster servers are not present in soa-infra



      I am using Weblogic 12c and SOA Suite

      I have configured cluster soa_cluster1 with nodes soa_server1 and soa_server2 regarding to  https://thecattlecrew.net/2016/08/21/soa-suite-12-2-1-1-0-create-configure-and-tune-a-soaosb-domain/

      But something is not configured right.

      When I open Enterprise manager I can see all configured clusters and servers under Weblogic Domain.

      SOA / soa-infra shows only soa_server1 (soa_server2 is missing).


      Bez názvu1.png

      When I open soa-infra I can see in dashboard under SOA Runtime Health both servers in soa_cluster1

      Bez názvu.png

      JDeveloper Application server explorer shows the same.

      All BPEL process's endpoints are available only on soa_server1.

      How to configure cluster to have BPEL process's endpoints available on both servers of cluster?


      Thank you in advance.