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    boot up is too slow when using wpa-wifi


      Trying Solaris 11.4 with wifi.

      # uname -v

      # dladm create-secobj -c wpa mywifi

      provide value for 'mywifi': ********

      confirm value for 'mywifi': ********

      # dladm connect-wifi -e essid -k mywifi net1


      Wifi was connected and I could access to web.

      But, after that, boot up process got too slow, takes several minutes.

      WARNING is displayed repeatedly many many times on console during booting up, such as

      Aug  3 21:05:48 solaris genunix: [ID 235170 kern.warning] WARNING: ieee80211_setprop: opmode err

      which can be seen killing graphic boot-up screen (gif animation ?) typing CR.


      It was not slow when wifi was connected without encryption.


      Does anyone know how to speed up ?