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    Updating Subtotal After Entering Cost


      Good Morning Community,


      I am Using APEX  with Google Chrome and Oracle 12c Database


      I have replicated this in My Oracle Workspace on Apex.Oracle.com




      Workspace:       STEELE41_APEX_ORACLE


      PW:                   DSteeleTest



      Application:   Receipt_Log_Multiple_Payments    --->   Page 2




      The Issue is the "Subtotal"  Doesn't  update Dynamically after entering a "Cost" in the Cost Field  ;  You have to Tab out of the Extended_Price Field before it will update the Subtotal.

      But.....  The Subtotal Does Update after You enter an Item_Qty  Dynamically as soon as you enter it and leave that field....


      We would like the Subtotal to Update As soon as you Enter an Item Cost Dynamically being in sync with the Extended Price Dynamically Updating



      The Updates are being done currently through Dynamic Actions on Item_Cost and Item_Qty Columns  ;  In addition to some JS code  Dynamic Action  "Change"  here is the name of the D.A.:  CalcSubtotalOnChange



      Please Let Me know if you have Questions that I can elaborate on ; as this is the first time I've Replicated a Scenario on Apex.Oracle.com ,  as I usually try to elaborate and include Screenshots


      Thanks in Regards,