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    apex_item checkbox Dynamic Action




      I have to reports on page. There is a checkbox apex_item.checkbox column, where requirement is when I click on checkbox the row should automatically get to the other report.
      Now, I'm aware checkboxes shouldn't normally be used to do any server side processing or perform Database actions if not using submit, but still a requirement


      In this case, can it be done by adding Dynamic Action -> On Click of -> jQuerySelector: input:checkbox (or some other reference to each of the report's checkbox column items) -> Submit action, and then add ing submit process which will consist of PL/SQL code that will update table column for some status going through G_Fx where checkbox is checked, page will get refreshed/branched back, and reports will both show data based on column status updated, so basically row would get moved from one report to another based on that status?



      Apex is 5.0.1.