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    How to bypass SSO for a public user/password to display BI analysis - 12c

    Joel Saunders

      In 11c, we could bypass SSO by appending &NQUser and &NQPassword to the analytics URL when the dashboard was specified.  Here's an example below:




      This allowed us to put a public analysis on a public website effectively bypassing SSO.        Note the above URL was called by another URL to hide the user and password that we were using!


      We are now upgrading to 12c and this is no longer supported (when we attempt it, it sends us back to the OBI signon screen.)


      Has anyone else encountered and solved this?


      MOS suggested using BI WebServices, but I'm not sure that that will allow for the display of the Chart and pivot table to the user.  

      Webservices are normally a machine to machine implementation strategy.


      All we want to have is the same ability as we had in 11g. 


      Any and all comments are welcome...  We need to have this working in a few weeks.