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    App Builder - Session behaviour - bug?

    Scott Wesley

      Recently on twitter I asked if people were experiencing potential cross-browser session behaviour.


      My scenario was as follows:

      Chrome: app 102

      Firefox: app 210

      I Chrome I went to open P45 by typing 45 in search app, and it opened 210:45, but left breadcrumb showing 102.

      I've worked out how to recreate this, and it's got nothing to do with the other browser.

      I'm not even sure it would be considered a bug, but it's confusing.


      I have two tabs open, one builder and one runtime.


      1. open app 102 in builder
      2. run app 102
      3. open app 103 in builder
      4. open Session state details from runtime, which is still in 102
      5. navigate to a page you know exists in 103, but not 102

      If you search for that page in the 'Search application' box, at least the breadcrumb changes first.

      It doesn't matter if the sessions are linked up. Usually I use the tabs from yesterday, so I typically see this when using the developer toolbar, unless I spawn a new runtime tab from the builder.

      I'm currently in 5.1.3, and I've seen this behaviour in the past.