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    Oracle Apex 5.0.3 - Tabular Form record insert issue


      Hi All,

      I need your  help on below issue. please help me.

      we are using Oracle Apex 5.0.3.

      I have some strange issue with Tabular form.

      I have an existing records in the system and trying to add child values using tabular form.

      here is the example;

      Parent Table: employee

      column names: EmpNO(Primary Key),ename,grade,deptno

      sample records: 10001, ABC, B, 10

                                10002, DEF, C, 20

                                10003, XYZ, D, 30

      child table: Salary

      columns: Salray_Id(Primar key), sal_month, amount, commission and empno(FK)


      why I try to insert new record into salary table using tabular form, I got integrity constraint (schema_name.employee_FK) violated error.

      Then I have disable the constraint on salary table for testing. then tried to create record in salary.

      it is processed and record created in salary table. but reference key empno inserted as 10011 instead of 10001.

      Sample record in salary table: 101, Mar-18, 1000, 100, 10011.


      Then second time, I have tried multi record insert at a time in salary table, then empno inserted as 10022, 10033.

      Sample record in salary table: 102, Apr-18, 2000, 200, 10022.

                                                       103, May-18, 2000, 200, 10033.


      no sure what happening  while inserting a record into salary table using tabular form.


      can some one please help to figure out the issue and fix it.