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    masked field plug-in used to work in Apex 5.1.4 not on 18.1




      I have used the masked plug-in from oracle to format input for telephone number and dates,it was very convenient.

      I am using it in a number of live apps on cloud.

      But the plug-in does not work in 18.1, in fact the whole plugin page from oracle at https://apex.oracle.com/plugins/  does not exist any more.


      Looked around for a replacement but found none.


      The version of APEX on oracle cloud will soon be updated to 18.1.


      Are there any alternatives that work on APEX 18.1 or any code snippets that will do this?


      I avoid javascript (not good at it),but would appreciate any code and how to place it in an APEX form where I can

      customise it.