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    Standard Manager Not Starting After Cloning

    Echezona Obiora

      Dear All,


      Please help out here. I cloned an instance from another instance. In the original instance, the concurrent managers are working fine but in the new instance i cloned, everything is fine except the standard manager and the output post processor manager. It is showing a value for 0 for Actual and 25 for target. Another surprising thing is that under the node name for the standard manager, it is pointing to the node name of the original server from where i cloned the instance. The same applies to the output post processor.


      Has  anyone encountered this before or have an  idea on how to fix this.


      I appreciate every help i can get regarding this.



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          See if you have source entries in node_name columns of FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES table


          update FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES set node_name='target node' where node_name='source node'



          Start the Standard manager and verify the table entrie with below query


          select * from FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES


          Still you have issue please work on below notes

          E-Business Suite Concurrent Processing - After Cloning All The Concurrent Managers Do Not Start For The Cloned Instance (Doc ID 555081.1)




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            Echezona Obiora



            Thanks, I have been able to resolve that. I went to define manager form in system administrator responsibility, search for standard manager and change the node name from the original machine to the new machine. I reduced the no of processes from 20 to 5 and was able to restart the manager. Everything is fine now.