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    Interactive Grid Select List


      Hi All,

            Using APEX 5.1.4. I have a IG with a select list which is a lookup from the PRODUCTS table. The display and return value of select list is <product_id>-<product_name>


      In the select list based on products table the user sees e.g. 15 - CHIPS


      Depending upon user input, I then update/insert values from IG into another table CUSTOMER_ORDERS which also has the corresponding fields prod_id and prod_name.


      The default save button of the IG throws error saying cannot insert NULL into prod_id field. The process in Interactive-Grid Automatic Row Processing (DML).


      How do I customize the save functionality in the IG to accommodate this use case. i.e. splitting the two fields and saving it in separate columns in the CUSTOMER_ORDERS table.


      P.S. I am working with a legacy DB Schema, and do not have the convenience to redesign it. Have to work with what I got.


      I certainly would have designed it in a different way.


      Please advise