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    EBS 12.2  mwa.logdir


      Hi ALL,


      Support is asking to send [port].system.log  for mwa.logdir in mwa.cfg, but I can not find it.

      Is it the right name for this log file?


      Please help....


      Kind regards,


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          Check the logdir location in below file:

          1. $INST_TOP/admin/install/mwa.cfg

          2. Find a string like mwa.logdir

          3. Now, goto the location mentioned in above parameter and see what logs are there.

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            Hi  friend,


            I do not see any logs there


            $ ls -l $INST_TOP/admin/install/mwa.cfg




            $ grep mwa.logdir /u03/appv1227/V1227/fs1/inst/apps/V1227_trnsrvr/admin/install/mwa.cfg

            #  3) mwa.logdir

            mwa.logdir= /u03/appv1227/V1227/fs1/inst/apps/V1227_trnsrvr/logs


            $ ls -l /u03/appv1227/V1227/fs1/inst/apps/V1227_trnsrvr/logs

            total 8

            drwxr-xr-x 5 appv1227 dba 4096 Jul 27 14:05 appl

            drwxr-xr-x 4 appv1227 dba 4096 Jul 27 14:05 ora


            $ find /u03/appv1227/V1227/fs1/inst/apps/V1227_trnsrvr/logs -name *system.log



            Support said the log is in form  [port].system.log.


            Kind regards,