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    OBIEE Mapviewer - Reset Password?


      I have a request to investigate how to get maps into OBIEE for analysis.


      I dug around on google and came across mention of something called mapviewer


      From what I understand mapviewer is pre installed along with OBIEE (I am on OBIEE


      I can see that I can pull up the mapviewer url (https://<server>/mapviewer)


      When I try to log in using my weblogic/password combination I keep on hitting a "You entered an invalid username and (or) password"


      I have no issue using the same id/password anywhere else (analytics/EM/console) so I know I have the right ID/password combo


      Does anyone know if there is a way I can reset the password for mapviewer? Or is there something else I need to configure to get mapviewer to work?