Join AskTOM Developer Training on August 28 – Visualizing Graphs




    If you're not aware of this, Oracle's offering a great free series for developers called AskTOM Office Hours (aka Ask The Oracle Masters).  Oracle experts provide practical training tips and q+a on pretty much any database feature you can think of.


    We invite you to join our next session focused on property graphs on August 28.  Hope to see you there!


    August 28, 2018    8:00 US PDT  |  17:00 CEST

    Exploring Visualizing Graphs

    In this session, we will visualize graphs – a powerful, intuitive way to interact with data. Using open source tools like Cytoscape and popular developer notebooks such as Jupyter and Zeppelin, you have several choices on how to visualize and interact with graphs from Oracle Database and big data platforms. Albert and Gaby will share lots of demos in this interactive session. Bring your graph-related development questions for the experts.


    Your Experts:  Albert Godfrind, Spatial and Graph Solutions Architect, and Gabriela Montiel-Moreno, Software Development Manager, Oracle

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    You can also view replays from prior AskTOM property graph sessions - check out the YouTube playlist :

    • Introduction to Property Graphs
    • How To Model and Construct Graphs with Oracle Database
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