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    repository variables issue


      Hello Experts,


      Recently we have moved to OBI12.


      I have a fact table and in content tab condition has been mentioned:-

      "Sales Performance".""."Sales"."F_SALES_LAST_DATE"."LAST_S_DAY" = VALUEOF(LAST_SALES_DAY).


      Default value for LAST_SALES_DAY = 2018.01.01

      Actually it should show today date = 2018.08.20 but its still showing 2018.01.01.


      I tried to create a sample report and in column with value as VALUEOF(LAST_SALES_DAY) and its showing the correct value.


      But, when I tried to create a report with using the fact table its showing wrong value (default value).

      select sum(T252201.C_ALLOCATION) as c1,

           T96579.P_LEVE as c2


           DIM_PRODUCT T96579,

           DWD_TIME T89026,


      where  ( T89026.DAY_ID = T252201.ESDATE and

      T89026.MONTH_YEAR_SHORT = 'Mar 2018'

      and T96579.MATERIAL_SID = T252201.PRODUCT_SID and

      T252201.LAST_S_DAY = TO_DATE('2018.01.01 00:00:00' , 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') )

      group by T96579.P_LEVE)



      I tried to bounce the server, but its not helping.

      I am still googling it, but want to know if its a know issue.


      Thanks & Regards,