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    NULL values in graph (running sum)




      I have problem in OBIEE with area graph.


      I have on graph: YEAR, TYPE of ENERGY and POWER, I created graph on pivot table: in rows i have years // columns is type of energy // measures: power

      I have NULL values for some year and type energy - NULLvalues it's mean that table don't have record.




      I can't use IFNULL() because table don't have record for example for 2006 for water (BLUE COLOR).


      What I want to see: If 2006 Year don't have record for WATER I want see value from 2005 - display running sum it's warking fine but no with NULL.




      My aim is: don't see blank record in table and blank place in graph.

      What can I do?

      Can I do something only in OBIEE or Admin Tool (rpd)?

      Or must I write VIEW base on this table?


      Thanks for any help.


      PS. At now I can't customize source table with this data.