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    Unable to Refer to the fault-policy from MDS Database in SOA 12C - Jdeveloper throws error window (attached)




      We are in the process of moving from SOA 11G to SOA 12C and I was trying to do a POC for the new fault policy design introduced in 12C.

      I have created a simple fault policy and it works for me when I have it locally in the project, but when I upload it to the MDS database and trying to refer that in the Jdeveloper from the SOA composite, it takes me to the SOA MDS but when I am about to get to the place where the fault policy is stored in MDS, the Jdeveloper throws and error pop up window.


      I am attaching a screenshot of the pop up window.


      Is there any extension or the installation step that I am missing in the Jdeveloper or Is this a know issue, if yes, what is the work around etc., ?


      Can you please let us know. This is rather urgent.



      Vijay Keerthi.

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          I have worked on an SR as well for this with Oracle, and looks like in the current version of SOA Suite 12C and Jdeveloper, there is no way to refer to the fault policy that is stored on the MDS, through the front-end GUI.

          The work around is

          1. Create a local fault-policy and replacethe content of this local fault-policy.xml to the actual fault-policy.xml from the MDS (Go to Source and replace the source code), that you might have already designed and exported to MDS.

          2. Then on the Composite, create the fault-bindings using the yellow Icon called ("Edit Composite Fault Policies") which will add the following 2 properties to the Composite.xml file.


               a)property name="oracle.composite.faultPolicyFile"

               b) property name="oracle.composite.faultBindingFile"


          3) Now, we have to make the changes in the Composite.xml,(source code),  of the current project, the value for the property "oracle.composite.faultPolicyFile", to something like this, so that it refers to the file in the custom path on MDS.

              <property name="oracle.composite.faultPolicyFile" type="xs:string" many="false">oramds:/apps/<Customdirectory on MDS>/fault-policies.xml</property>

          4) You can keep the value of the  property "oracle.composite.faultBindingFile" as it is.

          5) Just to keep it clean, you can remove the local fault-policy.xml from the current project, because it is anyways referring to the one on the MDS.


          NOTE: If you are migrating a project from 11g to 12C,  then there is one extra step that needs to be done so that, you fault policy is correctly picked up. Do the following step ONLYif you have migrated the SOA from 11g to 12C, otherwise this step is not needed.

          6)Change the file path for property name="oracle.composite.faultBindingFile" from "fault-bindings.xml" to  "SOA/fault-bindings.xml". This is needed because, the migrated project is not creating the right folder structure same as, if you create a fresh one from scratch in 12C.


          Hope this helps.



          Vijay Keerthi.