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    OWB import/deploy view without import of dependant objects


      Just gaining my first taste of OWB-deployment. I have imported some views in the source module. All veryifies ok. Then while deploying, OWB gets a bunch full of errors.

      Problem seems to be, that OWB tries to generate the view without wrapping the dependent object with a DB-Link to the sourcesystem. Just the motivation for me of using views is information hidding. I don't wan't to import all those other views and tables from the sourcesystem, the view is dependant of. OWB should just ask me for a DB-Link to the source system. add that DB-Link to all dependent objects that remain in the source system and then just deploy happily to the target sytem. Therefore such a DDL-code should generate the view that refers to dependant object on the source system.


      Sample DDL - as generated from OWB by it's imported metadata, I just added the DB-LInks manually. to hilight the indented target-DDL intended to be generated by OWB


      AS select cs.CATEGORY_SET_ID
       from mtl_categories_b@XXXP01.WORLD mc, mtl_categories_tl@XXXP01.WORLD mcl, XXX_MTL_CAT_category_sets_v@XXXP01.WORLD cs
       mc.category_id = mcl.category_id
                AND mcl.LANGUAGE = SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'LANG')
                and mc.structure_id = cs.structure_id;



      Do I muss something?

      How can I get OWB to act and deploy in this direction of my indention?


      My DEV-Plattform

      OWB Version Sourcesystem:

      Oracle APPS ERP 12.1

      Targetsystem Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition