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    SQL Dev 18.2 Popup Describe takes too long to open. Drag and drop from it adds quotes

    Nikolay Tretyachenko


      1.  Open an editor window in SQL Developer, connect to a database

      2. Write the name of an existing table or create a new one, for example

      create table test_table (

        column1 varchar2(100),

        column2 varchar2(100),

        column3 varchar2(100)


      3. Put the cursor on the table name and press Shift-F4

      4. The Popup describe window will appear. On the same database and connection, 18.1 shows the window in 1-2 seconds, while 18.2 needs 42 seconds.

      5. In the window select  select one or more column names on the tab "Columns"

      6. Drag and drop the selected names onto  the editor window, the result is

      on 18.1  



      on 18.2