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    ICS vs API Manager


      Hi all,


      I have to integrate OSC<>CPQ<>and a Order Management system (on premise and it is not an Oracle product).


      It is probable that you recommend me to do the integration with ICS. But what is the difference between ICS and API Manager?


      Thank you!



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          Hi Herno,


          Sorry for late reply. I suppose you have already received some replies offline... Difference between API Manager and ICS, currently OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) is listed below.


          • API Manager works as a reverse proxy and exposes proxy services, which OSB underneath the API Manager provides, as APIs. This does not have orchestration feature like OIC/ICS.
          • API Manager does not provide connectivity gateway for secure connection between Cloud and on-premise.


          So, ICS/OIC meets your requirement that you want to integrate OSC - CPQ - on-premise Order Management System.

          If you want to expose APIs for on-premise Order Management system, I strongly recommend you should choose API Platform Cloud Service instead of API Manager since API Manager is obsolete and never updated in the future.




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            thank you very much A.Nishi-Oracle!!