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    Pages not loading properly


      For the last several days, when I open the Inbox, it's not responding to mouse clicks. Reading posts in the idea space sometimes doesn't show comments. When this happens, I have to reload the page to make it work. I don't know if anyone else is having the same trouble, but I see it on different computers.

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          Anyone else facing this issue?

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            It looks OK to me, can't find any issue.

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              Are you having the issue with only one browser or multiple browsers?  Which ones?

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                I had a few aborts and hangs again today. It's a nasty issue to troubleshoot. My local network seems to work fine and as far as I can tell the issue is external. I'm using different versions of Firefox ESR on different systems. Nothing changed on my end. Let's see how this develops.

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                  Its working fine from my end.

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                    I finally manged to get some more specific error code when the problem occurs:



                    For anyone who doesn't know, 504 Gateway Timeout by definition means that one server did not receive a timely response from another server that it was accessing while attempting to load the web page.


                    From my perspective the problem is on the server side. I doubt I'm the only one experiencing the problem. Perhaps not everybody may experience or realize the issue, which could depend on what people expect to see, or when or how often someone tries to access the community.


                    When I open my Inbox, it often does not respond at all when clicking on a notification or has a prior notification selected instead of showing the top of the queue. I have to reload the page when this happens. It appears to me there are more general performance issues. I opened Hands-on Lab: Build and Deploy Portable Applications Using Docker 1.12  yesterday and it took more than a minute until it magically converted text into syntax highlighting.


                    Just for the record, I'm blocking all your trackers, but white-listing the site has made no difference. I'm also selecting "yes" on all options when it prompts for the cookie dialog, since not doing so forces me to wait for your system to processes the request. I delete all cookies when I quit the browser app, and I cannot selectively allow specific sites to store cookies. Another thing I find unnecessary is the frequent displaying of the large tour banner on top of the page, which I get every time I login and even after reloading the page. It takes quite some clicking around from the moment of accessing the site, logging in, until it's ready to be used.

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                      Yesterday I had problems getting pages to load during some parts of the day.

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                        Thanks Dude!


                        I will send your error screenshot to my technical team and ask them to look if there is any server issues?

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                          I'm at a new location - different country, but the problem still persists. In fact it seems worse than ever. The Inbox is often stalled showing "loading". Selecting objects has no affect or the response is very late. I usualy end up reloading the inbox in order to read the notifications. I also had a vew issues that posting would be stuck, leaving the post and cancel button disabled. Usually the post appears, but I think one time the post was lost. What's going on - is the system overloaded?

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                            It's worse than ever. I can hardly read or post anything. Traffic seems to abort halfway leaving the interface stalled.

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                              Karthikeyan Balu-Oracle



                              Sorry to hear that you are facing issue in the community. Would you please gather XHR while you face issue. Please refer below steps to save HAR content.


                              You can record your HTTP session using the Network tab in the Developer Tools in Chrome.

                              • Open the Developer Tools from the menu (Menu > Tools > developer tools), or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C on your keyboard
                              • Click on the Network tab
                              • Look for a round button at the top left of the Network tab. Make sure it is red. If it is grey, click it once to start recording.
                              • Check the box next to Preserve log.
                              • You can use the clear button (a circle with a diagonal line through it) right before trying to reproduce the issue to remove unnecessary header information
                              • Reproduce the issue
                              • Save the capture by right-clicking on the grid and choosing "Save as HAR with Content"


                              And also please share if you see any console errors.  It would help us to provide faster resolution.


                              Best Regards,


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                                I don't use Chrome. I use Firefox ESR 52.9. Below is what I see in the Firebug console, opening the welcome page/feedback and Inbox.


                                Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.39.49 AM.jpg

                                Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.36.28 AM.jpg

                                Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.33.44 AM.jpg

                                Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.33.26 AM.jpg

                                Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.33.12 AM.jpg

                                Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.33.02 AM.jpg

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                                  Dude! Would you please confirm if the issue still persists for you? We did have an intermittent server issue, which is resolved now.

                                  Please let me know, if you are still seeing any performance issue.

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                                    Jennifer B-Oracle

                                    Hi Varun-Oracle,


                                    I just uploaded a .har file to the internal ticket.  The issue continues for me, at least.


                                    Jennifer B.

                                    My Oracle Support Community Administrator

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