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    Search public conversations without joining




      When using OSN, is it possible to find public conversations when you haven't joined OSN for a particular social object?


      In my opinion it would be logical if you were able to see the history of all (public) conversations on social objects you have access to.

      So for instance if a new member of a AP team logs in, he/she is able to see the conversation history on all AP invoices he/she has access to in Fusion.

      Right now it seems that they have to join each individual social object in order to see the conversation history.


      At first I thought that adding groups as members would solve most of the issue, because at least the whole AP team would have access to each started conversation.

      But for new employees this still doesn't seem to solve the issue..


      I hope anyone can help with this issue.

      Thank you very much in advance.

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          Marc Houle -Oracle

          For security reasons, we intentionally restrict access to conversations on social objects. OSN does support public conversations, but it does not support public social objects.


          There were plans to relax those restrictions, and leave it up to the social object owners to decide whether the conversation should be private or public, but those plans have been shelved for now.

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            Hi Marc,


            Thank you very much for your reply.

            In your knowledge, has an ER been raised for this issue?


            The big advantage of OSN over e-mail is that conversations are visible for people even if they were not in cc (in e-mail).

            I would think it makes sense to restrict people from conversations on social objects they do not have access to, but I don't see the point in restraining them from public conversations on social objects they can access.


            Removing this restriction would make OSN so much more beneficial and user friendly, don't you think?

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              Marc Houle -Oracle

              The problem was that not everyone who has access to the social object necessarily has access to the public conversations. Outside Users, for example (e.g. Partners). But I think what you are asking for makes sense. There already is an ER for the feature, but you are welcome to create another one; especially if this is driven by a customer use case.