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    EBS 12.x firefox browser


      EBS 12.1, & 12.2

      11g, & 12c




      Hi ALL,


      We have two laptops with installed firefox 51 browser, which is used to open  EBS 12.x apps.

      We noticed that the other laptop firefox can NOT launch the forms java, while the other is able to lauch the forms java.

      We checked the difference of the two firefox, and we found out that the laptop that can launch forms java has plugins below:

      1. Java Deployment Toolkit

      2. Java (TM)


      How do I attached or add the two plugins above to the other firefox browser on the other laptop?



      Please help....



      Kind regards,

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          Hi jc,


          Ensure you have 32-bit Firefox ESR installed on both laptops. On the one not working, also use Windows Explorer to navigate to the java/bin directory where the plugin is installed and run javacpl.exe As Administrator.  Then on the Advanced Tab, under Java Plugin, ensure both Internet Explorer and Mozilla are checked.


          The forms will only launch anymore with 32-bit Firefox ESR with the 32-bit JRE.




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            Thanks Michael,


            Can you share me docs link on how to setup firefox esr or IE to access EBS 12.x apps?


            I already  installed  below, but I do not know if this is the correct one


            Is the above version correct?


            Questions please:


            1. How do I download 32 bit JRE?

            2. What version of IE is supported in EBS 12.2?

            3. Can I access EBS on both IE and Firefox esr?

            4.  Where can I find java/bin? Is it under program files?




            Kind regards,