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    [PGX 2.7.0] PGQL doesn't support property type vertex



      using an older version of PGX (2.2.1) it was possible to use the type VERTEX

      (PropertyType.VERTEX) without any problems.


      Code snippet from your example "Electric network"




      g = session.readGraphWithProperties(graph_path)
      g.createVertexProperty( PropertyType.VERTEX, "bfs_parent" )
      gm_bfs = session.compileProgram("bfs_reachable.gm")



      But now using PGX 2.7.0 there is a runtime error


      "property bfs_parent is of type vertex, but this type is not supported by PGQL"


      What part of the code has to be changed?

      Many thanks in advance.


      Kind regards,