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    Scaling and Load balancing..




      Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      OBIEE 12c, ODI 11g..


      We have a Reporting solution on (stack) OBIEE/ODI/Oracle-DB/Linux. Currently this solution is enabled only for one region.

      There is a requirement from the business to enable this solution to other regions as well.


      The problem here is this new region is functional under the timezone when our Daily 'overnight' ETL runs! (using ODI)

      We have many instances where Reporting was experiencing poor performance when the users access Reports while our ETL is in progress..and similar case with the ETL


      I am trying to evaluate what are the possible options we have .. and possible best economical solution..


      #1 increase the infrastructure .. currently we have 100 GB RAM and ...32 core(not very sure)


      #2 do RAC at DB level would be appropriate for ? RAC is generally used for high availability ..but just thinking if this can also used for load balancing ..


      #3 We have an additional DB server(for ODI REP).. can we use some replication(golden-gate)  mechanism and use this for the new region?


      Appreciate your thoughts..





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          Christian Berg

          All of that on one machine? One host server? Wow seriously bad choice to run OBI and ODI together.

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            Thanks Christian,


            But even though you choose different servers.. you will be still accessing the target tables for loading? and that will consume target server resources as well..

            what would you suggest here.. what best can be done with minimal work?




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              Christian Berg

              Just wanted to point that out.


              Performance is definitely a topic where you won't get your solution from a 3-line forum post. There are SO many factors which play into that. From database parametrization, OS settings, data volumes, network, how the SQL is written, data mdoels, transformations, etc etc etc etc etc etc. There's a reason that there are books upon books written on this subject. Don't expect a magical "do this" solution.

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                Robert Angel

                3 lines?


                1. Define what you need and what you will need in the foreseeable future

                2. Hire a decent architect to design a solution based on your requirement

                3. Refine the solution until you can live with the cost and the compromise





                I fear however, that companies that specialise in cheap as chips BI are gaining market share because many think you can have cheap and effective, and by the time they realise they have cheap and sub-optimal they are too invested to walk away...

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                  Christian Berg



                  And regarding cheapskates: The time thy realize is never. They just say "this product is crap", move to another one and repeat the same thing. By the time the second one runs into a wall they have already fallen upwards 2-3 times on the incompetence ladder and changed company.