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    Package Variables and Sys_context not working




      Did any one work with pkacage variable and sys_context  in Rest Handler?


      My Rest handler type was pl/sql block followinf the sudo code i used and noticed that package variable and sys_context does not work.



      -- First procedure

           mypackage.initialize(p_id    => :id)  -->> this will create the sys_context like (my_ctx, 'user_location','NY')


         myNewpackage.myProc(p1 => sys_context(my_ctx,'user_location'))     -->> here i get null value in sys_context


      --- Then i changed initialized procedure and set a package variable ( myPkg.var_loc := 'NY')


         myNewpackage.myProc(p1 = >  myPkg.var_loc)  -->>this does not work when i check ORDS log it says Invalid identifier "myPkg.var_loc"





      Can someone guide me what wrong i am doing? I check my logic and code on sqlplus it works fine on sql plus but not on REST handler.