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    Debug in ORDS


      Hi All,


      Can somebody guide me the best way to debug the code execution like we do using DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line with ORACLE ORDS. I tried with htp.p but i dont see the output in body or header.. I have seen htp.p example

      but i dont know where it gets print.

      current i am doing it uisng as response by putting it as out variable. i have also written a DEBUG procedure which i call with in my packages i called through using rest handler. I use ORDS Standlone with SQLDeveloper and not  using APEX or OWA.


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          So I'd start by just using the pl/sql debugger to step through create_employee().


          You could also use dbms_output, but SQL Developer also supports OWA and DBMS output capturing for your session, just open the panels for each.

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            Also, if you wanted to debug this in ORDS, you would need to create a restful service that invokes create_employee, and passes the values for the new employee.


            Then call with cURL or use a client like POSTMAN


            If you get a 200, all is 'good' - you should see your new employee in the table. If not, then the HTP.P will come in handy


            I have an example here

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              Thanks Jeff. This was helfpul.


              Also, when we save RestHandler The code only get check for syntex errors. Not for for Indentifier or object errors. for eg if i write


              open :resultset from Select * from < non exsisting table > 


              does not show error while saving  but give error when URL is call. ie at run time. That will save time. May be it might get updateed in coming releases.