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    EBS login page error after opening the DR database


      Hello all,

      Prod server hostname:-belapps01

      DR server Hostname:- ibmapps


      My apologies if this issue has already been raised before.

      So recently we created a manual standby database for our prod env which is running  ebs 11i and oracle 10g.

      As a step we took rman level 0 backup along with standby control file and restore it using the backup. The Dr was built without any issue. But the problem started when we open the database in read write mode and ran autoconfig on both tier.

      Our production ebs login page was not working . After providing the login credentials it was throwing error as "unknown hosts" Kindly refer to the screenshot for details of the error.


      After quering fnd_nodes on production db we found an entry for our DR server has been added. We are kind of clueless how did the proddb tables got updated due to this .

      We have fixed the issue by running


      followed by an autoconfig on both tier.



      Our question is how come the proddb got affected by opening the DR. we want to do the activity once again but we are kind of worried if the same situation arises again.


      Any help regarding this would be really appreciated.!